fraol slightly looking up stroking his chin and wearing a fedora hat, leather jacket and a blue shirt

Hi, I'm fraol or
frectonz on the internet.

I also have a telegram channel.

About Me

I have been interested in technology and its ability to influence our life for as long as I remember. This interest has lead into the world of software development which I enjoy very much.

Programming Languages I work with


My projects.

SQL Studio

SQL Database Explorer [SQLite, libSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, DuckDB]


Kill processes with a TUI

Act on Press

A web extension that let's you trigger click actions on press instead of release.

CBE Cash Plot

Generate a plot of your CBE balance overtime.

e/acc card

A demo for using SVGs as templates to generate images in the browser.


Python's cmd module implemented in Rust via proc-macros

The Hearts of OpenAi

Convert a string into a bunch of heart emojis โค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿค OpenAi style.

Webcam Seeder

Seed a random number generator using a webcam picture.

Prime Portraits

A program that turns images into prime numbers.


My personal program for watching movies and shows.

Senamirmir Nixified

Senamirmir fonts packaged as a nix package.

Monaspace Nixified

Monaspace fonts packaged as a nix package.

Tally Tool

A ruby on rails app to count stuff.


A simple program for handling Ethiopian calendar dates.

Birr Forex Bot

A telegram bot that sends the current day's foreign exchange rates to its subscribers.

Telegram Export Analyzer

An analysis tool that shows you different analytics from data exported from telegram groups.


A beautiful website that shows the time and a random image from unsplash that you can use as a new tab page.

See more on GitHub

Open-source Contributions

My OSS contributions.


SQL like language to perform queries on .git files


Cookie cutter modeling built as a demo project for


Arbitrary-precision unit-aware calculator


Build environment for third-party Rust crates


Visualize your most used commands

Language Forks

I also like forking the codebases of some popular programming languages and changing the names of some keywords and adding some new operations to them.


The go compiler with a try, an unwrap and a new append statement.


The python interpreter forked to rename some keywords.


The php interpreter forked to rename some keywords and remove the dollar sign.


The Go programming language with keywords renamed and this one supports ethiopic keywords.


The TypeScript with some new keywords.

Packaging stuff for Nix

Nix is a build system designed with a strong emphasis on reproducibility. It uses its own language, known as the Nix language, to define how packages should be built. Because Nix is not widely known or used, many developers don't create Nix build instructions for their projects. I enjoy writing Nix build instructions for such projects to help improve their build processes.


A medium to markdown parser packaged for Nix.


The dotree command runner packaged for Nix.


The ReScript Language Server packaged for Nix.


A simple oscilloscope/vectorscope/spectroscope for your terminal packaged for Nix.


The monaspace font from GitHub packaged for Nix.

Senamirmir Fonts

The Senamirmir ethiopic fonts packaged for Nix.